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-it's not a big secret, but Sho plays up how cute she is in appearance. While she is naturally kind and optimistic, she will feign other child like behaviors if she thinks it will get her the result she desires.

-something Sho is a little less willing to admit is that she downplays how powerful she is. While she wears typical desert traveling gear, she's a full fledged Monk. Her reason if confronted with her deception? "Sly eagles hide their claws."

-all Lalafell display a healthy sex drive when given the opportunity. Sho is no exception. She love men of all shapes and sizes and can make a dirty innuendo with the best of them.

-while she's more into lads in the sex department, she flirts with and romantically pursues all genders.

-while many Lalafell have large families, Shoshosu is a rare only child. Some have postulated that she's so affection hungry because of this. Her mother's death and her father's neglect probably didn't help in her development either.

-Sho is a Warrior of Light. Game canonwise, this means she has the blessing of the settings great mother goddess/crystal. Part of the blessing is a gift called "The Echo". For more info check out the web page http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Echo_(Final_Fantasy_XIV). The short of it is she can understand most languages, see and experience the past (though she cannot change it) and resist brainwashing by other "gods". ((In roleplay, it means she understands what people say around her regardless of language, though she can still get confused by complicated enough concepts. Her ability to see the past in unreliable, and she can't make it work on purpose. She's resistant to mind control, except fore the most basic forms such as forcing sleep or to run away in panic.))


Hugging: Hug away! Shoshosu lives for cuddling!
Kissing: She might try to kiss you back.
Fighting: She loves a good spar or even just a play fight.
Injuring: Yes.
Killing: Preferably not.
Sex: It's complicated, so ask.
Using telepathy/mind reading: Ask. Depending on the type of power, the Echo may shut that down.


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